Viva Idoso.png

Hold a large annual event that brings together, in an open and spontaneous way, the elderly of a city, to list the demands and guidelines to be considered by the municipal government in policies aimed at the elderly. The event has a series of seminars, work groups and discussions among the elderly who present their agendas, vote and follow the actions of the municipal authorities aimed at themselves. All of this, with a lot of music, dance and cultural activities.

This is Viva Idoso, a great meeting held over 3 days, for 4 years in a row in the city of Niterói.



The Claudio Ventura Studio created for Viva Idoso a visual concept that presented the elderly as an active agent, full of energy and eager for an integrated life and full of happy moments, always respecting the reality and characteristics of the elderly.

Each of the 4 editions had its own Visual Identity, however the same Brand and some specific graphic treatments ensured the necessary unity and Identity.

The result was editions with people full of energy and willingness to speak, to be heard, to decide and have fun, in large municipal meetings with more than fifteen hundred people per edition.

For the project, several pieces of communication and support to the event were developed, from invitations, posters and programs, to different models of uniforms for the work teams, folders, brochures, bags and gifts.

Each edition with its identity, personality and goals to be met by communication.