To create the Brand and the Visual Identity of the construction designed by the greatest Brazilian architect of all times, inaugurated to celebrate his centenary. 

A responsibility that demanded great research of the history, legacy and creative process of the great master Oscar Niemeyer, with his unique strokes and style, which are recognized worldwide.

The studio's objective was to create a Brand with a Visual Identity capable of transforming each piece of marketing into an extension of Oscar Niemeyer's own project.


From the organisation of the space, the style of the work and the look of the artist, even his so famous strokes were transferred from the theater project to the Visual Identity that was created, which, after being ready, resulted in an obvious and natural extension of the architect's work.


Thus, from the signage of the space, to its brochure, institutional material and marketing pieces, they were quickly identified by the general public as works by Oscar Niemeyer himself and became more than just simple printed matter. They became true souvenirs with the signature of the master.