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The Reading Hall of Niterói is an event on the city's official calendar and aims to stimulate reading and imagination, promoting a great deal of books and several parallel activities, including autograph afternoons, lectures, seminars, gymkhanas, shows of music, theaters and folk groups.

Different aspects of national culture are approached in the Reading Halls, always having the book as a link and reading as the driving force of the imagination.

The Claudio Ventura Comunicação Studio developed the communication and marketing actions for all editions of the Reading Hall in Niterói.




Through a challenging conception we decided to work on the idea that the person is formed by his culture, by his knowledge.

To meet this challenge, a Visual Identity was created presenting the silhouettes of different people, all filled with a text texture. The texts vary by writers, styles and appeals, in order to express the diversity of our culture and our authors.

From the concept created, all communication was unleashed, creating unique and striking pieces throughout the city, a true universe of fantasy and encouragement for reading and imagination.