Carlos Rocco is known throughout the country for his excellence in paper boxes and special kits. After some developed projects as a supplier to the Claudio Ventura Studio, the relationship with Rocco became closer, culminating in the creation of his Logo, Visual Identity and communication pieces; as well as some partnership projects.


The "ROCCO ENCADERNAÇÕES E EMBALAGENS ESPECIAIS" (ROCCO'S BINDINGS AND SPECIAL PACKAGINGS) logo was created from the most basic concept of their work, folding paper.

Since then, the entire project “unfolded”, resulting in brochures, promotional pieces, gifts and a website.

With different shades of blue, white and gray, the color palette offers the logo lightness, modernity and seriousness, characteristics of the professional and friend Carlos Rocco.



paper art

PAP is the stationery line created by Claudio Ventura Studio in partnership with Rocco Encadernações e Embalagens Especiais (Rocco's Bindings and Special Packagings). PAP's products offer excellence in every single detail, from the initial design with an accurate study of features, to production, using the best quality materials and processes. PAP develops products to be signed and distributed by companies that wish to offer unique products and gifts.

caderno papo.png