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In the early 2000s, we are in the Brazilian city with the third HDI (Human Develop Index) in the country and a Mayor who commutes by bus.

How to introduce to the population of this city a government that proposes to be closer to its constituents? A government that desires to be present in the everyday life of its citizens?

A government that wants to first understand the needs of its voters, and then, plan its public policies?

This was the challenge: to create the Brand and the Visual Identity of the Municipal Government of Niterói in the year 2002.

To meet the presented attributes, the Studio created a logo that clearly represented the aggregating, positive and conciliatory ideal of the city administration.


Being known as the 'Smile City' , still having a small town atmosphere where everybody knows each other and having the cheerful spirit that values diversity were other points considered during the conception of the logo.

The result was a simple graphic symbol, unique and with a lot of personality, where the colours and the different shapes of the humanized stars aggregated a lot to the positive and light spirit of the logo. Another important touch was the elimination of the tip of the humanized stars, making those figures smoother.

This symbol, in the following years, was used as a reference to create the logo of many other local governments.

To supplement this brand value proposition of the logo and to fill the city with the aggregating and cheerful spirit suggested by the Claudio Ventura Studio, a wide range    Visual Identity Program was made, exposed in detail on the Brand Manual, distributed, and used by all municipalities.

In a short period of time, not only the public administration workers, but also the citizens, identified themselves with the value proposition of the Brand, reaching out and getting closer to the city hall and getting involved with the actions and proposals of the local administration.