To create the Visual Identity for the new lighting project, signed by Peter Gasper for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Niterói, a building designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer. The project should transmit concepts of conscious use of energy and natural resources, in an intelligent and simple way, through a visual rereading of the Museum.

From these difficult values ​​to be aggregated in the same project, Claudio Ventura Studio created the commemorative brand of MAC's 10 years with 3 rectangles:

The first one presents the figure of the museum reflected in its water mirror, in a background of amber light, which resulted in an organic and shapeless design, of a work widely known for its strong and precise lines and angles.

The second rectangle shows the name of the Museum over reddish lighting.

In the third rectangle, the name of the event on the shadows: 10 light years.

To conclude, the communication pieces were printed on recycled paper and, whenever possible, were developed following the Brand layout, creating folded paper elements and different exciting assemblies.