The Project of the Poetry Books of the Education Department of Niterói deserves special attention!

Each year a theme was chosen, which guided a great contest of poetry and drawing among the students of the city schools. This contest was separated by the age groups of the students and generated a publication capable of eternalizing the works of all the registered students.

And Claudio Ventura Studio was in the mood! Every year he made a deep study about the theme and the best way to present it in the Poetry Book of that year! As a result, the book always became a very disputed work.

In 2012 the theme was the poet Gentileza!

In that year, colors, shapes, style and even the letters of the book were created from the fonts developed by the poet. 

maria bonita.png

In 2011 the theme was Maria Bonita. 

In that year the work was in the climate of the Northeastern Sertão, full of string, woodcuts and much more!

luis antonio.png

The Book of Poetry intended to honor the poet Luis Antônio Pimentel was different. It opened space to present in a clear and widely colored and illustrated way, all the importance of the work of this fascinating poet.