Bhering's return to supermarket shelves and Brazilian homes was an important milestone in the development of its packaging and POS material. First the renewal of the old packaging and then the development of new packaging, expanding the portfolio of products.

Valuing history, iconographic references and original Bhering colors, Claudio Ventura Studio went further and developed the packaging of traditional Bhering chocolate with a retro spirit.

The reports developed by Claudio Ventura Studio would certainly not be the same without their special packaging.

With a thorough work of cartonage, the report developed for the MINSA RH+ Program is a good example of this search for excellence in every detail. The package is closed with an imanted system and accommodates 3 books of 30X30cm and a DVD of the Program.

The Closing Report of the 3-year project of the Angolan Social Security Quality and Sustainability Program could not be left behind. With an even bigger format, the package can have more than one meter when opened. It has an imanted closing system and a leather closing flap. Besides the package, the kit consists of 4 books and 1 DVD.



A report with more than a thousand pages!

To overcome this challenge, Claudio Ventura Studio created a package capable of accommodating the report divided into 4 volumes. The material has a system of different flaps and colors to identify and access each volume of the work.

The PSGSS Program packaging had a different challenge: the content of the publication was only ready a few days before the product was delivered to the client. 

As a solution, Claudio Ventura Studio developed a project of a box much wider than the book, so that when the content was completed and the report developed (this one in character of urgency), a cradle structured inside the box could be assembled, this cradle was able to keep the book well accommodated, without being loose inside the package.

The cradle was produced in one day, but the box, which took much longer, was already ready  a few weeks before.  



Export quality.

It is not enough to be good in our country, these packages needed to be prepared to support a complex export process.