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A school that sees beyond. Where the director, owner and founder of the institution, knows all students by the name. A different way of being a school, of giving attention, of accompanying, of valuing, of understanding and preparing children for real life, not just for an admission or an Enem test.

In the preliminary study it was identified that it was necessary to create visual lines and content presentation that differentiated students and families from different segments of the school, under the risk that families and students would not identify themselves with the institution, as they did not get the synergy between what is being offered by the Cultural Forum and their own expectations of the school.

In this way, a communication line was developed capable of providing the necessary elements for the Cultural Forum to be able to communicate with its different audiences, mainly students and family, transmitting the excellence offered by the school in the different phases of its students' school life.




Extremely strong, light and thought-provoking, the Visual Identity Program that Claudio Ventura Studio developed for the Fórum Cultural had as its main proposal to be composed of very efficient and solid basic structures, on which various graphic elements and photos can be worked. The result is the presentation of aspects of reality, spirit and values ​​that are so present in the different spaces and experiences of the school with its students, in their different phases of life.

The color palette is rich and very unique, making it possible, just by its colors, for the Fórum Cultural's community to recognize, in the midst of the troubled daily life, an “island” of respect, peace and friendship, the spirits so present at school.



The Construction Grid, a basic structure created to illustrate the school's communication pieces, can be filled with different images, sometimes whole, sometimes cut, in order to offer greater emphasis on details that are important in each moment of communication. The relationship between these images presents a strong contrast of shapes, colors, concepts and meanings.

Thus, each piece of communication fits perfectly to its function and its audience, keeping the extremely strong and remarkable Visual Identity.

In addition to the concept to be conveyed by each image, its set applied to the pieces is worked so that the colors and lines of construction, as well as its entire relationship with the adjacent images, offer a special highlight, strong and pleasant to look at.


In contrast to this excess of visual information, a more delicate pattern was created, mostly composed of the relationship between pastel and soft color planes. On this pattern, some illustrated icons presents elements of the academic experience, accurately contextualizing the institution's proposal in a playful and light way.