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The Logo and the Visual Identity created for the designer Fernanda Bernardo introduces her pieces as a reference to exclusivity, good taste, sophistication and luxury. 

The whole project was developed based on the concept conceived by Claudio Ventura Studio, who presents the designer as immersed in the constant search for beauty perfection, high quality luxury and the notion of users of her products as being privileged people.

From there, an atmosphere of excellence, sophistication and good taste was created, where every detail is appreciated, from the initial design of each piece, to its finish.

For the graphic symbol a single typographic element from the letters F and B was conceived. This element was positioned inside an Art Nouveau necklace, that works as a frame of luxury and refinement. A signature from the designer was also used as a secondary logo to be used in isolation.

The colour palette used in the project is very restricted and enhances sophistication in a range of halftones overlaid on illustrations of incredible detail and precision.