Create the Visual Identity of a sophisticated six-storey luxury commercial building, with private parking lot, auditorium, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, training room, lounge and several types of offices for rent, in the south zone of  Rio de Janeiro. 

What the client of this service seeks is a high quality space, with comfort and infrastructure. That was the starting point for the creation of the Visual Identity. The other points were, first, the blueprints of the building illustrating the material and, at last, the emphasis on the privileged location of the property.

Putting these references together and adding a minimalist, modern and executive profile color palette, a simple, straightforward and extremely tasteful material was created, focused on the most demanding executives who need a high-end work space in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

For the development of the Brand a logo was created composed by a typography built with strong elements, which refer to solid pieces in a simple way. The last letter of the name is a locator Pin, which is sometimes used to locate the building on the map of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


In the marketing pieces, the building's blueprints became more than illustrative parts; through a graphic treatment in contrast with the designs and the background, the illustrations became thought-provoking elements, in which customers can see, in a graphic and sophisticated way, exactly what they are looking for.

This project is a good example of a Visual Identity developed exclusively from the concepts that were initially defined.