Introduce Brazil as a great generator of several different types of sustainable energy, so that the world, mainly China, can keep growing in an accelerated pace.

For that, Claudio Ventura Studio elected the windmill as the greatest symbol, an inexhaustible and clean energy generator, with a background which presents the beauty and the quality of nature, overflowing with colors, tones, movements and life. This way the Visual Identity is divided into two levels: the sky and the ground.

A windmill with eight blades rotating clockwise, pointed at the upper right side, advancing. In the background, a strong wind blows over a plantation, representing many different energy possibilities. The colors (green = life and yellow = prosperity) present a Brazil full of opportunities. The luminance of the symbol portrays a Brazil that is very sunny and ready for a new cycle of opportunities.

Movement, brightness, strong wind and fertile soil, in other words, energy.