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The largest event ever held in the city of Niterói, with more than 300 cultural exchange activities between Brazilian and Spanish groups, over 27 days.


Simultaneous presentations, relationship with delegations, schedules that change for different reasons, ministers of states, relationship with sponsors and, in the end, the main thing: communicating to the general public in a clear, direct and impeccable way, through communication pieces with great visual appeal, capable of stimulating the inhabitants of the city to participate in the largest possible number of activities and still attract tourists. Finally, everything needed for a major cultural event that mobilizes the city with the third best HDI in the country, for an entire month.




The brazilian vision of Spanish culture, a mix between traditional and modern, a window through which it was possible to observe and learn about this country so rich and interesting, formed by different peoples, histories and realities.

From Flamenco to Miró, everyone passed by!


The city experienced something unforgettable!

A month in which the traffic had to be changed to meet the demand for the main activities; a month in which the population felt the greatest pride to live in a city that can afford to have a unique cultural experience, unprecedented in the country; a month in which integration, admiration and contemplation took over every public space, every street, every citzen of Niterói; a month in which everyone got to know a little more about Spanish and Brazilian culture!