Following the tradition of the city of Niterói in holding large international meetings, in 2011 it was the city's turn to receive an entire continent. Full of different cultural expressions, from the most different artistic segments, South America found itself prestigious and the month of November of that year was destined for all of them.

An exchange, as never imagined in a Brazilian city, demands a lot of work, from everyone involved. But at the right time everything was ready.



If the Great Niterói Meeting with Spain had already demanded an incredible capacity for coordination so that communication could happen correctly, impactfully and without errors for the general public, presenting the events as unmissable unique opportunities; the Niterói South America Meeting brought a new challenge: the fact that the delegations represent a total of 12 countries.

If on the operational side, the event was a challenge, under the aspect of the creation of communication pieces it was a unique opportunity to work with so many expressions, colors, mixtures, cultures and traditions.

The Visual Identity created to provide support for all communication of the event was based on grids. Grids of different colors, styles, thicknesses and meanings, all intersecting and plotting each other to offer the necessary identity and basis for all information in the communication pieces.

From the conception of Visual Identity it was easy! Because the project became an artistic game of expressing each cultural activity and each culture with the scheme that most identified with it. Logically, without neglecting the guiding principles of all good graphic design work, with perfect text, layout, image processing, finishing and printing.

In the end, it worked!! 

An arsenal of communication pieces. Invitations, programs, schedules, announcements, posters, banners for publicizing and identifying the shows, folders, uniforms, guides, brochures, menus, releases, advertising pieces for urban furniture, anyway, everything that was necessary to transform the Niterói Meeting with South America in an even bigger and more impressive event than the Niterói Meeting with Spain.

On the other side was the city, wherever you passed you heard a different sound, witnessed something never seen before. The streets was full of people, culture, interested looks, expectation, joy!

The great Brazilian artists were also present, sometimes in individual presentations, sometimes in partnership with the Latin brothers.

In the end, success!