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Company with more than 15 years implementing large and highly complex projects and programs in Africa, mainly in the areas of information technology, systems development and infrastructure implementation. DGM Sistemas works to modernize government institutions and to improve the provision of services to populations.


DGM Sistemas was responsible for the issuance program of the African country's Identity Card. In the service package, in addition to all the systems, infrastructures, population service teams, processes, international logistics, hardware and software, the communication and marketing aspects were fundamental in motivating the population of the country to request their card, the Identity Card of Angola.


Developed by ANC Marketing Strategies, in the areas of strategy and planning, and by Claudio Ventura Studio, in the areas of planning and creation, the project's communication actions are composed of campaigns of different sizes, characteristics and scopes, specific actions with stakeholders and follow-up reports for the top workers of the African country's government.

As a result of the communication activities developed for the project, the angolan population, from the most different social groups, knows the importance and wants to have their own Identity Card. In addition, the population recognizes the government's efforts to offer one of the best Civil Identification Systems in the World, winner of international awards.

Claudio Ventura Comunicação created communication campaigns, events and diferent kind of communication activities in order to generate an aura of excellence in all services the project delivered to the population.



Annual reports have become an important mark in DGM Sistemas' projects. Always composed of kits with exclusive very sophisticated design, the boxes with publications and digital media have become, for customers, objects of desire.

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The MINSA RH + Program was an integrated action between Advance and DGM companies, to develop a series of improvements regarding the physical structures, equipment and human resources of 6 regional hospitals and the Américo Boavida Hospital, in Angola.


The nature of the actions, very diversified and broad, were brought together in a large report in which you can see the whole process, with detailed monitoring in graphics, texts and many photos.

The report, consisting of 3 volumes and a DVD, conditioned in a sophisticated magnet box, was responsible for impressing, showing the quality, depth and scope of the services performed.


The company's commemorative 10-year book was developed to present the main projects implemented by DGM Sistemas in Angola. With a differentiated graphic design, the work shows the main services, projects and results offered by the corporation on the African continent.


O livro comemorativo dos 10 anos da empresa foi desenvolvido para apresentar os principais projetos implantados pela DGM Sistemas em Angola. Com projeto gráfico diferenciado, a obra detalha os principais serviços, projetos e resultados oferecidos pela corporação no continente africano.