Busch Amazon is a brand created to become the ambassador of the flavours, products and values of the great Amazon Rainforest in the US and Europe.

  ‘‘The Busch Amazon brand was not made to be just another brand, but to be the brand which offers the best and purest products, because it was born from the DNA of the largest forest in the world!"

A brand that delivers the best products from the Amazon to the most demanding customer. A unique and loyal brand, able to reproduce products exactly as they are prepared and consumed in the heart of the rainforest.

With a focus on exports, the brand's first product is a type of açaí berry with the highest degree of purity and flavor. In a second moment, several other products will be part of the Busch Amazon portfolio.

The work developed was the creation, not only of graphic symbols, but of an entire atmosphere capable of being identified by the target audience as being from the largest forest in the world, of extreme quality and purity, which provides much more than the formal attributes of the product, but a little of the magic and mysteries behind the forest and the Amazonian myths.

The extremely thought-provoking concept, as well as all actions and marketing pieces, were developed by Claudio Ventura Studio , which guides the Brand from its initial conception and in all its relationships, with the strategic stakeholders and with the public in general.

The job that started with a trip to the heart of the forest to study the attributes and values ​​to be added to the brand and to create a wide collection of initial photographic material, evolved to the creation of a strong Brand Concept and Visual Identity , impactful and thought-provoking.

The marketing pieces developed since then presented more than just an attractive visual identity valued by the North American and European publics, as they convey a very specific state of mind, always referring to the centre of the great Amazon Forest.

Having been conceived, created and monitored by Claudio Ventura Studio, all moments and pieces of marketing of this project are rich in concepts and have great visual and discourse appeal.

For the creation of the Business Plan, two consultancies were hired in the United States of America, one with legal and company internationalisation focus and the other with focus on the North American and German food markets.


The result was the creation of a very solid and detailed Business Plan, responsible for attracting partnerships, investments and admiration of the stakeholders needed at the beginning of the project, including investors, business partners, entrepreneurs, support and promotion agencies and official agencies.

As one of the results, the factory responsible for developing the recipes for Açaí Busch Amazon, the brand's first product, is being installed at CIDE in Manaus, where it received the honourable mention as the best project served by the agency. Mention also shared by the local Sebrae.