Prazer de estar aqui

(Pleasure to be here)

Sophisticated publication edited in different languages to attract investment and business tourism to the city.

The business card of any delegation!





Project structuring and presentation book for a great event to honor Guilherme Guimarães, considered the last Brazilian of the international Haute Couture.

From the photos, which portray the details of your dresses, to the papers and materials used, all details reinforce the exclusivity, good taste and luxury of his work.



Presentation Booklet

Aiming to expand the performance of the Brazil-Angola Culture Center, Claudio Ventura Comunicação created a detailed presentation material, about an ambitious and challenging project of the institution.


Communication pieces and presentations for Coppe-UFRJ, in order to facilitate understanding and adjust communication for each target audience in projects of great impact, complexity and often with little popular appeal. For example, the project to identify the best sites for the installation of Nuclear Power Plants in Brazil.


An innovative and increasingly current project in a poor and populous city in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Eco Vida connects education and environmental respect with good practices. All of this is supported by the city's education network, in order to integrate students, families, the school community and all of society in a logic that opens the doors to schools and creates integration activities that aim to guarantee solid foundations for a better and ecologically responsible future.

To present this sport and its federation to selected people, this is the purpose of the presentation material of the Rio de Janeiro Polo Federation created by Claudio Ventura Studio.